Son of a Preacher Man Release

PreacherAltThe one kid that bothers you likes you.



Just his name made my blood boil. I’d seethed at the sight of him, knowing he was an entitled brat with a silver spoon in his mouth, with more money than God…

And untouched. With that in mind, I’d been thinking of the perfect way to get revenge on the bastard for making school life a living hell. Time to make Pastor Winterroth’s boy my b*tch.


Jared and I have been rivals for years. He always tried to out class me in everything but failed at every turn. In my mind, we were too old to continue fighting, but since the jackass wanted to carry on this BS, I’d let him. Even better, when I heard his hatred covered up lusty feelings he’d harbored since we were kids.

When a mutual friend of theirs makes a bet with Jared, he’s confident that he’ll win. But Aren plans to beat his nemesis at his own game and best him again.

Son of a preacher man is a short story with snippy characters, dirty talk, and some serious sexing in the end.

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