Fools Like Us up for pre-order!


The long awaited Cools Like Us is now up for pre-order! This story features Courtney from Nerds Like Us and hot Daddy, Chancellor McNamara!

Fortunately for Courtney, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas…

Courtney enjoys traveling, so when his friends suggested Sin City, he jumped at the chance. While there, he lets it all hang loose, with the intent on snagging a “high roller.” Besides, it isn’t like he has a man, unless you count his ex, who won’t take no for an answer.

Chancellor loves taking risks. With little money and an infectious smile, he ditched a major auto manufacturer to build cars. After meeting with a handsy client, Chancellor goes for a drink. Despite the blue balls, Chancellor is resigned to thinking he spend the night alone.

Until the music starts…

Courtney uses his femme wiles to get Chancellor into bed. He doesn’t have to work hard because Chancellor is hooked. Enamored with this silver fox, Courtney is ready to take that plunge, but long-distance relationships suck ass and…

Courtney fears the awful truth will drive Chancellor away for good.

Fools Like Us is a low angst, opposites attract, age gap standalone, with snark, hot romance, and kinky sex. A femme boy who is allergic to commitment and the millionaire who has the propensity to make hasty decisions.

Look inside for more warnings.

Pre-Order Here

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