Cover Reveal – Breakable Faith

Cover Reveal for Breakable Faith

Michael Mandrake

MM-Breakable-Faith-VV-750x1125Greetings all!

Here is the cover reveal for my story in the Vale Valley MPreg romance set created by Gia Reaves. Isn’t it lovely?

Here is the unofficial blurb!

Tagline – One night equals a test of faith for Father Lance…

Trouble always finds Mateo and he’s succumbed to it several times with or without help. However, after spending months in juvenile detention, he’s decided to turn a new leaf. His attention to detail lands him a job as a tattoo artist, making people’s dreams come true through body art. With this steady gig and his grandmother’s support, Mateo is convinced he can live mostly anxiety free.

Father Lance has always suppressed his needs to care for others. The older alpha is Vale’s most handsome and available bachelor, but Lance has no interest in hooking up. Instead, he puts all his energies into his church. Although loneliness is a constant…

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