News: Contract signed for Love Voodoo

Contract for Love Voodoo

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Voodoo Only muses, not actual models for book!

Good news folks!

Shar just signed a contract for Love Voodoo!

Projected release day is between June and August of 2019


*runs around madly*

Here is the working blurb:

Internet star, Cayden Wythe is burned out. After countless interviews with so-called journalists, he’s ready for an extended vacation. Instead of a tropic hideaway, he picks New Orleans because of the paranormal lore of the city. Although a big-time pessimist, he’s interested in the Big Easy’s haunts and why it’s considered one of the spookiest places in America.

Trent DeFleur grew up on the streets without a family. Thanks to the kindness of community members and friends, Trent works at a voodoo shop and volunteers at the newest LGBTQ youth center in Nola. A certified wierdo, Trent also puts his acting talent to good use by doing ghost tours for extra cash. At…

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