Push coming to DSP in Sept/Oct!


For character muse inspiration only! Pictures not mine

PUSH by BLMorticia was accepted by Dreamspinner press!

The date is set for Sept/Oct 2018!

We are SOOO stoked about this book.  You guys will love it.

How many stories are about a rapper and rocker falling in love?

Now it’s time for us to work on the sequel!

Here is a the working blurb. It is subject to change for publication!

Blurb: In the closet, Malakei Oakley aka M. Prophet, is at the top of his game. Handsome, wealthy and one of the country’s most eligible bachelors and at the head of 315East entertainment, Malakei, should be on cloud nine. Despite all his awards and a Midas Touch causing every musician clamoring to work with him, complete happiness escapes him.

Seth “Reaper” Davies is ready for stardom. His band High Stakes has played to small, packed houses all over Birmingham and London, but has yet to get their big break. Working a dead end job has stood between him and his dream for far too long.

After recording a viral video, Seth gets a message from a person he doesn’t expect; the talented rapper himself, M. Prophet. Being from different worlds, Seth has no desire to change his style to sell records. But his curiosity and his attraction to Malakei wins out.

Malakei wants to hear the band and see the hot singer/guitarist up close. Prophet can’t get Seth out of his mind. Seth manages to get under Prophet’s skin leaving Prophet pushing Seth away. Little does Malakei know, Seth isn’t one to give up on anything.

Just the right person to make Malakai see there is more to life than music.

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