2017 Year End Review

The Year in Review

Musings of Sharita Lira

DoublePlayMMWell, it’s that time again. It’s December 2nd!


Holy moly, the year went by fast once again.

These days the years don’t last long at all, and we’re always left wondering, what the hell just happened? Time surely does fly, and once again, it’s time to reflect and think back to what I’ve learned.

This year, the best word to sum up writing in 2017 was exposure.

What do I mean?

Exposure meaning marketing.

In 2017, I spent a lot more time marketing my books. I put out more ads, did a couple of Facebook parties, and I started a project to bring more representation to queer books with people of color. I’ll talk about that next month.

Authors can’t really make it without marketing, which also means newsletters. I actually hit the goal I set out to do, which was gain more followers for my monthly…

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